Rainbow Window Suncatcher – Flower Cat

Rainbow Window Suncatcher – Flower Cat


Delightful Rainbow Window Suncatcher – a burst of joy and color to brighten up any space!
Great as sliding door glass indicators.

Flower Cat design (14.7cm x 15cm).

In stock

In stock

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Crafted from vibrant rainbow window cling film, these suncatchers capture sunlight and create beautiful rainbows when placed on any glass surface or windows in your room or car. They are perfect as glass door indicators.
The cute and charming designs add a touch of whimsy, creating a playful dance of colors as sunlight streams through.

Easy to apply and reposition without leaving any residue, they’re a fun and temporary way to infuse your space with the magic of rainbows. No need for glue or adhesive thanks to the static cling feature.

Simply position the suncatcher on a sunlit window, as the sun’s rays are the key to activating the mesmerising rainbow effect. Allow the sunlight to work its magic, and the more sunlight it receives, the more intense and enchanting the rainbow display becomes.

Just follow the instructions included in the package. Remember to peel off the backing film before sticking them on your windows.

NOTE: To see the rainbow fragments, you need direct sunlight. Without sunlight, the cling will remain transparent without any rainbow rays.


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